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Personal Note: It REALLY rained where we live — everyone out there okay?

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Wow. Now I have a feeling for what may have been running through their minds as Noah and his family battened down the hatches on the Ark.

We’ve enjoyed a day and a half now of sunshine and 60+ degree weather yesterday and today. But that comes on the heels of torrential downpours. We really had a deluge here. My house survived it. We have an ancient sump pump in the basement that cranked right along to handle the rivulets of water that poured steadily through the rickety door on our cellar like basement.

Unfortunately, our neighbor suffered about three feet of water (three foot?) in his basement, though. It ruined about $6,000-$7,000 worth of tools and auto racing parts he had stored down there. His problem was note directly related to the 4″-5″ of rain which smacked us over a 36 hour period. His problem was directly related to ignorance by his neighbor on the other side. That neighbor hooked a large plastic hose onto the bottom of his gutter downspout to direct the water from his roof away from his foundation. But he had the hose extended out about 8 feet from his house and, DUH, pointed straight at my flooded neighbor’s basement. So neighbor number one suffered loss because neighbor two funneled water straight from the back of his roof into neighbor one’s basement.

Ah, well. On the whole everyone I know did well and survived the flood with minimal damages. There were many good folks in our city and in locations further south and east who lost their homes and whole towns to many feet of floodwaters.

How about you? I know the flooding was widespread from Texas across the southeast and up the Atlantic Coast. Any of you suffer flood damages? You all are in our thoughts and prayers here at the Speer house.
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