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Personal Note: My blogging days may become much more limited — ‘real life’ is rearing its ugly head

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Easter Sunday is a time of good news for our family. We are Christians and we rejoice in calling it “Resurrection Sunday” — the day when we rejoice in the Resurrection of Jesus and what it means in our lives.

On that score, this has been a happy, blessed day.

Enough for the mini-sermon. On to the “personal note” I wanted to share with you.

In their less-than-infinite wisdom, the “gods of Google” have slapped me once again and the last blog I have which had an Google page rank (PR) no longer has it. I was dropped from a lowly PR 1 to a PR 0. The immediate impact of this lame decision is that I have just lost the opportunity I had going to earn a large chunk of my monthly income.

Yes, by the end of next week I will probably be out there “hittin’ the bricks” again to look for a “J*B” as one of my online friends calls it.

Try as I might, I have not been able to generate enough writing income and affiliate marketing income to continue doing so full-time, unless something really nice happens soon.

The most immediate result of all this is that my time for blogging and trying to maintain the various online efforts I work at will become more limited.

Ah, well. I know there are people out there making a very nice living online. I just haven’t yet figured out how to become one of ’em.
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