Personal note — why such divisions among temp agencies?

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From time to time, I still hit the temp agencies looking for part-time or temporary work. (We all gotta eat and pay the bills, don’t we?) One of the odd things I see about most of these agencies is the way they are divided into such specialties.

In our city, if you’re doing an aggressive admin job search, looking for administrative/clerical/office type jobs (like editing and writing, for example), there are two particular temp agencies you would focus on. But if you’re looking for something more physical from construction work to carpentry, you would go to two different agencies.

If you’re willing and able to do ANY kind of temp work, you would have to apply at separate agencies to have that opportunity.

Call me old-fashioned, but here’s a clear case I think of over specialization.

Ah, well. What do I know about running a temp agency? Pretty much nothing.

Back to the keyboard (where I already am) and the writing (for now).

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