Product names, naming revisited: Useful download for writers

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Not long ago, I published an article here about the funny or odd sounding names companies, particularly pharmaceutical or drug companies, come up with for their products. In that article I mentioned how drug or pharmaceutical names, ranging from names like Sarafem to Lipofuze, are created to give the product a “sound” or feeling that will resonate to the public and to physicians as powerful or authoritative.

I linked to an interesting website about branding and brand names in that article. But I failed to look closely at that site and call your attention to a very interesting and useful — and FREE — product naming study and tool there. It’s called “Building the Perfect Beast: The Igor Naming Guide.” It’s a PDF file you can find at that site and download.

I highly recommend that free download for all writers. As a writer, specifically as a fiction writer, you’ll find a multitude of interesting ideas and even some “how to” steps for creating product names that should be invaluable for your characters, plots, and other story elements. Go have a look and enjoy.

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