Publishing technology changes everything for writers

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The various developments in publishing technology has changed just about everything for freelance writers.

In a world where consumers would rather enjoy everything from home theater seating to very wide screen television to home theater lighting instead of going to traditional theaters to watch movies, we can expect consumers who want their news, fiction, how-to articles/books, etc., NOW — not a day late in traditional newspapers.

You get the idea. “Journalism” as traditionally known only 10-15 years ago has almost died with the near-demise of daily newspapers. Many major newspapers are bankrupt, nearly bankrupt, or gone completely. (I see the venerable old “Rocky Mountain News” and some others have ceased daily print publication but are maintaining an Internet presence.)

I’ve said all that to say this: If you aspire to “be a writer,” you’d better become very comfortable with writing blogs, “tweeting,” and doing other website content. That seems to be where the future career paths are leading for writers.

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