Putting all the hype about ‘Twitter’ in some real-world perspective

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Just when you begin to believe a lot of the hype and raving about Twitter, along comes some real-world perspective about the online phenomenon.

I’m talking about today’s “Jeopardy!” episode. One of the clues was a very obvious reference to Twitter. As my wife and I both do, we were muttering and mumbling at the television. One contestant quickly buzzed in and gave his answer: “What is Facebook?” We both groaned loudly. The other two contestants were totally silent. Time ran out before Alex gave the correct answer, “What is Twitter?” There was no chuckling or audible response of any kind from the studio audience and all three contestants reacted as blankly as the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

Remember this when you get so caught up in any online activity, social website, etc., and keep it all in perspective. If that doesn’t do it for you, go to your favorite restaurant or coffee shop and ask the first four strangers you see, “What is Twitter?” Unless you’re in a pretty Internet savvy establishment, my bet is that not more than one if four people will be able to explain Twitter.

And now I’ll reveal one of my “secrets”: Within an hour or hour and a half after I post this to my blog — Twitterfeed will automatically post it to my Twitter account. So consider yourselves “pre-tweeted,” or something like that.

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