Question for bloggers: Are you making good money with AdSense?

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This is just for you bloggers out there reading this: Are any of you making good money running Google’s AdSense ads on your blogs?

I ask because I’ve never been able to achieve more than a few — very few — dollars a week from AdSense, no matter what or how many blogs I use it on.

I’ve heard there was a time back in the “early days” of Adsense (1999? 2000?) where you could slap together a blog, throw up some posts about “malignant Mesothelioma” or maybe “repair bad credit,” or some other hot topic, and watch bucket loads of cash come rolling in from AdSense ads on your site.

At least, those are the stories I’ve heard. But based on my best efforts with AdSense, such stories would fall under “urban legend” in my thinking.

But maybe things are different for you other bloggers out there. Are you making anything resembling good money with the program? If so, leave a comment and share some tips with the rest of us. Please.

2 Responses to “Question for bloggers: Are you making good money with AdSense?”

  1. Christopher says:

    define “good money”

  2. Gary says:

    I dunno, “good money” might be a six-figure annual income. It might be considerably less than that.

    I suppose I would subjectively define “good money” as enough money to pay the mortgage, other essential living expenses, other monthly expenses, and a pittance left over for travel, an occasional gadget, and enough to put aside at least something for investing/saving for the future.

    You bring up an excellent point, however. One person’s “good money” might be another’s fortune — or abject poverty?? And of course all that would be subject to where in the world we’re living. In many nations, as I understand it, most Americans would be well-off to rich by local standards of income and possessions.

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