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Question for bloggers: How much research do you do for a post?

This question is aimed at bloggers, but certainly I would appreciate comments from any of you who do online writing of any sort: How much research do you do for a post on your blog?

Your answer may range from none to hours. Or you may immediately think, “Research? For a blog post? What’s research??”

I suppose a lot of this process depends on the type of blog you have, the sort of posts you do, the subject you’re blogging about, etc.

My point here, I guess, is to help you see that you can indeed blog about anything you wish — and you can even do well at it, if you’re willing to research enough to write quality content even about subjects you don’t understand.

Let’s say you’re blogging about health and nutrition subjects and you want to write about acne treatments, perhaps something as specialized as blackheads treatment, or perhaps whether dietary changes impact acne problems. If you really aren’t sure what a “blackhead” is, or a “whitehead” — then obviously you’ll need to go to the library, check out the WebMD website, or something like that to get the information you need to do an intelligent post.

You aren’t writing a book here. You’re probably, if we’re talking about blogging, going to write 250-500 words. But you will be doing some research and spending some time at it if you are to write anything of value.

So how much research do you do for a blog post on average? How much time do you spend writing a “typical” post for your blog?

Leave a comment and educate us on how you handle blog research and writing.