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Question to all you bloggers: Do you use WordPress?

Open question to all of you bloggers who are reading this: Do you use WordPress? If not, what blogging/website building software DO you use?

If you’ve been blogging or building any sort of websites, Internet presence, etc., you at least must have heard about WordPress blogging software. I cannot remember when I first started blogging, but I do remember that I’ve always used WordPress software. (I’m not talking about one of the free blogging accounts you can find at WordPress.com. I’m talking about the free software you can download from WordPress.org and install for yourself.)

I’m asking this because another writer whom I respect just published a very useful and free ebook about writing. (You can get a copy of that ebook here, but you will be required to leave your name and email address.) The first chapter in that short ebook speaks about creating your own blog about writing — and he strongly advises AGAINST using WordPress for blogging, insisting that it’s really much too complicated to set up and maintain. To be fair, his ebook is not specifically about blogging. And his expertise is not blogging.

But I thought about his advice, and I realize for someone who truly wishes to focus on writing, WordPress can, indeed, become too much of a distraction.

Or, maybe not. What have you found as a blogger/writer — what works best for you? Leave a comment and let us know, will you?

2 Responses to “Question to all you bloggers: Do you use WordPress?”

  1. Linda says:

    I looked at the chapter in blogging, and my first reaction was that he had trouble with it–not that the program required “an engineering degree.” Contrary to what he says, Blogger.com doesn’t do everything for you. Its strong point: It’s a good starter blog for someone who doesn’t a lot about computers or isn’t technically saavy.

    My biggest complaint about Blogger is the lack of stats. I couldn’t tell if anyone was coming into the blog or what posts they were reading. I was surprised the writer didn’t even think about this, considering his focus is on marketing.

    I did try my Website’s blogging software next because I really wanted the blog on the Website. But the software had almost no features beyond entering text. Comment moderation? Non-existant.

    So I picked WordPress. The stat tracking is great. I’ve already identified a couple of important keywords that I will continue to work with in the future. But there’s something else I really like: Scheduled posts. I can write a week’s worth of posts, schedule them, and I’m done for the week.

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks, Linda, for sharing your comments. You seem to be using WordPress for much the same reason I am — the convenience and flexibility it offers.

    I failed to mention in my original post that many web hosting companies offer their customers access to the “Fantastico” services. One of the services from “Fantastico” involves is a really simple, “no-brainer” method for installing a WordPress blog in just a few minutes. It’s so “by the numbers” it definitely doesn’t require an engineering degree.

    Also, thank you for mentioning the feature in WordPress to schedule posts in advance. I really need to work on the self-discipline to take advantage of this in my own blogging.