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Quick lesson for bloggers: Here’s one way to backup your data

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was made originally about a year or so ago. It is being “recycled” in an effort to bring some of the posts on this blog back into the spotlight from the dusty, musty shelves in the site archives. The incident which happened here and which is linked to, was not “yesterday” — but the problem I had and the solution offered by the excellent backup suggestions here are something others may profit from doing. I hope. Enjoy.)

As you probably noticed, and as I explained yesterday, there is a serious lack of old posts at this site. I lost most of my WordPress database when The Crash happened to the server where I was hosted. So here’s what I’ve done since then: I have set up a simple backup to my WordPress blog.

I’ll explain what I do. If you write on the Internet and you don’t use WordPress, this won’t be very helpful. But here goes:

1. Download and install a WordPress plugin called “WP-DB-Backup.”
2. Create a Gmail account or Yahoo account, since they offer lots of free storage, and give it a name you can remember. You will only use it for WordPress backups.
3. Go into your WordPress dashboard and follow the steps to choose what you want backed up and how often — hourly, daily, weekly, etc. You’ll see the options.
4. In that dashboard configuration you’ll be asked where you want to backup to. DON’T select the backup to your website. If you’re webhost crashes, you won’t have the backups. DO select the option to have backups emailed to you — then simply enter the email address you created in Step 3.

That’s sort of simplified, but chances are you can figure out the details.

It works for me. Now I’ve got to get back to work restoring the limited, lame remnants of blog posts I’m scrounging off my hard drive.

But you — get busy and write something that’ll make us all proud.
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2 Responses to “Quick lesson for bloggers: Here’s one way to backup your data”

  1. Tip Diva says:

    Thank you for the tip – do you care to disclose who your hosting company is? I had the same issue about a year and a half ago.

  2. Gary says:

    Actually, these guys worked extremely hard to get me back online, though they didn’t have my data backed up. And they’ve told me they’ve worked to make their backup system as good as they can get it.

    So I would hesitate to give them negative publicity by mentioning their name.