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Recycling blog posts? Yeah, I sort of am …

… and it’s worth a little explanation of how and what I’m doing with older posts, for those of you out there who blog.

I’m using a plugin called the ADPS Reposter WordPress plugin. The purpose of the plugin is to sort of “recycle” older blog posts to bring them back toward the “front” of your blog to make them easier for new readers to find.

There’s an ulterior motive to this, of course. The plugin actually works by updating the date and time posted information on a blog post. Although you are not adding new content, you ARE keeping the blog “fresh” in the eyes of the Great Google and other insignificant search engines. That may or may not keep new readers coming to your blog.

So, whether you blog about making a fortune on the Internet, or try to sell baby strollers through your blog, or do something like weight loss pills for fat folks, all that content you add to your blog over months and years tends to get “buried” in the blog. This little plugin lets you select a category of posts and set up a time between six hours and 10 days. You set the time frame, check a box, and save your settings. When that time interval is reached — the oldest post in the selected category suddenly shows up at the top of your blog. And you can select multiple post categories.

Interesting tool that might be helpful for all you bloggers out there. Give it a try. It’s free and easy to use.