Recycling older posts leads to some date confusion

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I mentioned in some recent “recycled” posts here that I’m using a plugin which pulls old posts from the “back” or “bottom” of the blog to the “front” or “top” of the blog. I should explain.

By default, WordPress software puts the most recent post at the top of the blog. The next time I post, a new post replaces that first one, and it “sinks” to the next lowest position. The result of this is that posts written a year or two ago are pretty much off the radar, unless someone is searching by category or title or something to find a specific post.

This plugin I uses lets me pick a category, tell it how often I want it to “recycle” posts, then it starts with the oldest dated blog post in that category and moves it to the top of this site’s front page. At an interval I set — every day, every other day, every week, whatever — the plugin finds the oldest dated post in that category and moves it to the top of the site.

I like the idea, because it takes something I wanted to emphasize and “refreshes” it for those who’ve just found the blog or who haven’t been around long.

Nothing I write, really, is such a gem of wisdom and knowledge that I feel compelled to make sure everyone reads it. But some people have found posts in such categories as “Writing Tips” and “Advice for New Writers” to be helpful. This process simply gives newer readers a look at the stuff for the first time or as a refresher.

I’m telling you all about this, though many of you probably have no interest in it, for a reason. One of my newer readers “tweeted” me on Twitter to point out that the dates on some of the posts don’t make sense comparing them to the dates on the comments. That’s probably because the comment was written when the post originally appeared. The magic plugin I’m using has recycled the post, updating the posting date on it. But it doesn’t update the date stamp on any comments which were made on the original posting date.

Make sense? Anyone really care? At least now you know.

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