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Regarding text editors — this is a favorite when not working online

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Earlier today I posted my recommendation for WeBuilder 2008 text editing/writing software, discussing the easy way I could edit online, website text with it.

When I’m not working directly on a website online, I have a second text editor I use which I owned before I purchased WeBuilder 2008. That one is EditPad Pro, and you can find out more about EditPad Pro at this website.

It, too, is a tabbed editing/writing tool to create or edit plain text. I find the tabbed feature so useful that I get irritated with the lame, untabbed nature of Word many times when I’m doing word processing and “serious document” writing/editing.

Anyway, I highly recommend either EditPad Pro or WeBuilder 2008 — or both if you feel the need. In my case, I probably wouldn’t have both except I do a lot of online editing and WeBuilder 2008 handles that much more conveniently than EditPad Pro.
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