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Selling copper sinks in a stainless steel world

How would you write copy to sell something sort of “low-tech” in our “high-tech” world?

The first thing that comes to mind (but I’m an Old Guy, so maybe I’m thinking differently here) is nostalgia. Remember the good old days?

In this case, I’m looking at writing copy to sell copper kitchen sinks in a stainless steel sink world. If you have the strength, durability, and easy upkeep of stainless steel on the one hand and copper, or old-fashioned “farmhouse sinks” as they are often called on the other hand — what can you say?

The copy I’m looking at as I work on this puzzle emphasizes the nostalgia idea well enough, with lot’s of phrases like “old world charm” and a focus on the soft, glowing elegance of copper, etc. But here’s something I didn’t know: According to the copy I’m looking at, copper has some sort of anti-bacterial properties, hence bacteria on the surface of a copper sink won’t live as long as a stainless steel or, I presume, some space-age plastic surface.

I don’t know about that. It seems sort of risky to me, given the sensitivity of so many consumer agencies nowadays. I would hate to write something hinting at health or hygiene claims if I wasn’t absolutely sure I could support them.

So you get the idea. Appeal to emotions as much as intellect. Make the product desirable, not just useful or practical.