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Share some marketing tips: How do you make your product ‘best’?

When I search for something on the Internet, I have a habit of doing two things, almost always: 1) I tend to search in Google most of all, and, 2) I often put the word “best” in front of my search term. I think that’s pretty common procedure, isn’t it?

Why “best” in front of my search terms? Because I’m often searching for a product or service that is only one among many, and I’m trying to find reviews or information not just for “weight loss supplements” (as an example) but for the “best weight loss supplements.” When I’m searching for anti-virus software for my computer, I want comparisons, I want reviews. I want someone to give me information so that I can find the BEST anti-virus software.

How do you, when you’re writing copy to market a product, a service, or a website, seek to position yourself as offering “the best”? This is one of those open invitations to all you copywriters out there. Leave us a comment and tell us some of the ways you market your stuff. Share with us, please.

One Response to “Share some marketing tips: How do you make your product ‘best’?”

  1. Leader says:

    With SEO, it’s not a matter of whether anyone believes you’re best. It’s simply whether the Googlebot sees the word “best” on the page.

    So…”I think this is the best weight loss supplement!”

    Presto. You appear under the keyphrase. Although it’s harder when the searcher pluralizes it. After all, there can only be ONE ‘best’ anything, so it’s harder (but not impossible) to write something that will catch the plural phrase.

    Convincing the customer that Your Merchant’s Thing IS the best is something you should be doing anyway (after all, you ARE trying to sell it!), so other than making sure to blatantly say Best somewhere in the pitch, pitching to a “best” searcher is pretty much normal sales other than that bit of specific SEO.

    As for comparisons or reviews…NAH, not unless I’m specifically trying to nuke some bad merchant (by making them the sucky alternative, muaa haa haa!). But other than those rare instances, if I say a product is THE BEST, that is IT. There is only ONE of anything that can be “best.” All others are also-rans, and therefore do not get on a page talking about the “best (item).”

    Oh. And if I’m promoting it, it’s the best. That may mean best commission, or best converting, but it’s the best. If I’m SEOing for “best (item)” I usually don’t say what’s best about it. Just that it IS. *evil grin*