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Slave labor for writers alive, doing well on Internet

Once again, I just got a grim reminder of how sorry Internet writing for money has become. Indeed, slave labor for writers is alive and doing well on the Internet.

One of the forums I visit regularly is for people using their software to build content on specific affiliate marketing websites. As part of the discussion there, people are always looking for “good” writers to write articles for them which target keywords the website owners wish to feature on their websites.

I just saw a post at that forum highly recommending a woman who had done some writing for one of the forum members. He was raving about her skills and her thoroughness at creating customized articles built around keywords. He said she was charging $4.00 to write a 500 word article. She also writes custom review articles, and offers bulk discounts on those.

Astounding. As a matter of fact, that’s less money than writers were being paid by the so-called “pulp fiction” magazines of the 1930s and 1940s — which, I believe (no, I’m not that old), mostly paid 1-cent or more per word. In case you need help with the math (I cheated and grabbed my little calculator which I keep ever by my side), that $4.00 works out to .008 cents per word.

Still think you want to write for the Internet??