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Some affiliate marketing niches are way more competitive than others

Some affiliate marketing niches are way more competitive than others. If you wish to use your writing and marketing skills to make some money doing affiliate marketing, you need to make sure you have the skills and passion to compete there — or find another niche.

For example, if you work with a company selling vacation packages to a hotel in Las vegas, you have a real disadvantage if you want to generate sign-ups, sales, whatever you need to make money with that merchant. Why? Because there are probably hundreds of hotels/motels/resorts in the Las Vegas vacation market — and many people with tons of money to buy traffic to their website, spend money advertising offline, etc.

But, using that example, if you have a more targeted offer, such as a resort hotel that welcomes pets and has special perks for pets — you might have more luck marketing that unique aspect.

Whatever you’re doing if you try affiliate marketing, try to 1) give your website visitors useful content and honest value for their clicks, and, 2) make your website as “user friendly” as possible. If you can find ways to do that, with unique or highly sought after offers, and you show a bit of perseverance, you can actually make some money online. Maybe. Sometimes.

Good luck!