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Some fun with words: Pod people living in our neighborhood

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Pod people are living in our neighborhood. Apparently just in the last couple of days they have moved into a house just up the block from us. I saw clear evidence of this when I was out walking yesterday — there was a large box sitting in their driveway near the house with the words “moving pods” printed in large letters on the sides of it. I don’t know whether to be amused, amazed, or openly alarmed that there are pod people still hanging around the towns and cities of America after they were so fully exposed in a novel (1955) and at least two movies (1956, 1978).

Shouldn’t they have gone into hiding, instead of broadcasting their presence on the side of driveway boxes?

What really startled me was that their moving pod was sitting in a driveway in MY neighborhood. Why in the world would pod people hang out in Springfield, Missouri?? Indeed, they are within three blocks of the international headquarters of a major Christian religious denomination. Don’t they realize the risks of discovery they are taking? What’s happened to pod people in the last couple of decades to make them so brazen?

Uh, or, uh, maybe that moving pod label meant something else?

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