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Some of the problems with website content and article directories

I made a post yesterday pointing you to ezinearticles.com as a good source of content and ideas for your writing. I discussed in that post some of the ways people use articles to market products, draw traffic to blogs, or whatever, through the Internet and the role article directories may play in that marketing process.

Today, I want to point out some of the problems with article marketing, general website content issues, and special problems with using articles from web directories.

I want to emphasize again that ezinearticles.com is definitely the best of the many article directories which I have found. They have legitimate guidelines and a competent editorial staff to enforce those guidelines. Not all the articles there are top quality, but they all are a cut above many other online article directories.

But the first and biggest problem with articles at ezinearticles.com or any other directory is a simple one: theft. Many, many unscrupulous and unethical webmasters will simply copy and paste what they want from an article directory and claim it as their own. Such conduct not only is unethical and just plain illegal — there’s very little that can be done about it.

Closely related to theft is the problem of webmasters who may use your submitted article from the directory, name you as the author, but fail to include any author’s bio or author’s box containing the links you wanted to market. (Take a look at my post from yesterday for a more detail explanation of the author’s bio or end-of-article author’s box.)

Finally, to gain enough back links to your website to generate noticeable sales from your article marketing efforts, you’re going to need to write a LOT of articles, get them accepted at ezinearticles.com or a few other reputable article directories, and do them well enough to gain the interest of ethical webmasters who will use the articles, give you the proper credit, and leave your bio links in place on their website.

Still want to make some money writing articles on the Internet? As I’ve said in some posts a month or two ago, my recommendation is that you blog. By writing regular (daily? twice daily? more?) short blog posts, you can draw a steady stream of visitors to your blog. If you get good at focusing those posts around relevant keywords for what you’re trying to market, you stand a better chance of drawing potential “customers” than you do writing tons of articles and submitting them to online directories.

What do you think? Have you been successful marketing on the Internet by writing articles? Have you had some blogging success? Tell us about it.
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