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Speaking of affiliate marketing — what sort of products do you market?

Speaking of affiliate marketing (as I did in an earlier post this evening), I know several people who read this do affiliate marketing, and I’d be curious about what sorts of products/services you like to work with?

Do you prefer intangibles like information, i.e., various “ebooks” and such? Or do you prefer marketing stuff you can hold in your hand like quilts, pajamas, log cabin furniture and decor, wooden bookcases, etc.?

Personally, I like to do products and services, although I do a little with “information products,” too. I have the most fun, though, building websites to display and sell toys, furniture, clothing, food, and other hands-on stuff.

I would never expect anyone to give away any “secrets,” but what sort of affiliate marketing do you do, if any? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite types of products and services. (But, NO SP*M, please. Save that for the post-holiday sandwiches.)

One Response to “Speaking of affiliate marketing — what sort of products do you market?”

  1. Kayecee says:

    Products! I love products!