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Starting a new business through Squidoo — wanna buy a lens?

All right. I’m ready to make a sort of “preliminary” public announcement here: I’m writing my fingers down to little stubs this week and hope by next week to offer some Squidoo lenses for sale.

I’ve mentioned in recent weeks that I’m turning toward Squidoo.com as a writing market, marketing tool, etc. You can see the four (soon to be five) lenses I’ve currently written by taking a look around my lensmaster biography page. You’ll also find out a bit more about my qualifications and experience as a writer. (If you want more info about that, check the “About Me” page here.)

I’m still formulating the details, but I plan on selling pre-made lenses for around $100 each, and I will change any affiliate links to Amazon, CafePress, Commission Junction, etc., from mine to those of the buyer. I will be taking payment via my PayPal account. I will list available lenses with links to view them and a paragraph or two discussing them on a page at this blog.

What I want to make clear is this: I will NOT guarantee any traffic, sales, or other results to those who buy the lenses. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need to remember this Number One truth about all marketing and other money-making business on the Internet: No one can guarantee that you will make money with anything you or they do online. I suppose there are exceptions to that “rule,” but if you’ve been online long, you know it’s true. You might buy a lens from me, or others who are writing and selling or “flipping” lenses, and draw tons of traffic to your sight. You might buy a lens and find it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for to “jump start” your online writing career.

Or you might not.

But for any of you interested in “taking a chance” or just looking at what I’m doing at Squidoo.com, I invite you to check out my current lensmaster information and hang out here for more specifics about all this by the beginning of next week.

(If the interest is there, I might even offer to write a Squidoo lens on the topic and keywords of your choice for slightly more money. But we’ll see how the pre-written lens business goes first.)

Might be fun.