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Stating the obvious for online writers: Without traffic you’re dead

If you’ve got a website, or you do blogging, or you simply do “direct-to-merchant” affiliate marketing, and you wonder why you’re seeing no results for the work you’re putting in, maybe it’s time to restate the obvious: Whatever your best efforts at writing online may be, you’ll see no results without “traffic.”

In simple terms, if no one comes to your website/blog/whatever, you’re dead. Well, OK, maybe not literally dead, but you know what I mean, don’t you?

I’ve tried everything from marketing my own ebooks to affiliate marketing for everything from wall mirrors to toys to life insurance leads to memory foam pillows. The only time my efforts have paid off are when I’ve done some solid work to draw traffic from the “search engines” — mainly Google.

If you’ve hung out here often, you’ll know that I’ve been pushing in recent months to get all of you reading this to try the training services available at The Keyword Academy. It is the only paid membership site I’ve ever joined that has been worth the money. They were charging newcomers $1 for unrestricted access for 30 days, after which the monthly fee is $33. But, hey, now they’re giving unrestricted, 30-day access to anyone who wants to sign up FOR FREE. So save yourself a lot of time and effort flailing around the Internet trying to figure out how to make some bucks — and give The Keyword Academy a look.

This really wasn’t intended to be a commercial for The Keyword Academy — oh, wait, it was. I’ve been a member there since last September. I’ve learned enough, and gotten access to some great keyword research tools, that I consider it well worth my $33 a month as a cost of doing my online business.

Go ahead, click on one of the links above — or the link near the top of the right-hand column of each page on this website — and try it out. If you’re serious about writing online and making some income from it, you can’t go wrong. And you can’t beat the price for your first 30 days, for sure.