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Four tips to warm-up those ‘writing muscles’ in your head and fingers

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011:

Here are four ideas to help you get those creative juices, and those good old nimble fingers, started as you approach your daily writing routine. (I wrote a brief article about writing warm-ups some months ago. This is an elaboration of some of the stuff I said in that earlier article.) You can have some fun with your writing and stimulate those “creative juices” for the day by doing some useful “warm-ups” to get the words flowing. These ideas should work for you whether you keyboard your manuscripts or do pen-and-paper writing in a notebook. (Remember, too, that some very […] Read More >

Let me repeat: We had a commenting problem, but it’s fixed now

Monday, September 14th, 2009:

A couple of days ago I warned all you WordPress bloggers out there to be aware of possible plugin conflicts and other strange glitches that might happen to your blog. I’m not sure I made myself clear in that discussion about issues I had on some of my blogs, so let me repeat this: We did have a problem when people tried to leave comments on a couple of my blogs — including this one — but it’s fixed now. I thought I should state that clearly because at least a couple of people are regular readers of my blogs […] Read More >

Tip: Blog about what you love, even if you don’t ‘know’ much about it

Monday, June 22nd, 2009:

My remarks about blogging today may sound a little like the old line, “Just fake it ’til you get it right” — but that’s not really what I mean when I suggest your passion for a subject should overrule your lack of knowledge when it comes to blogging. After all, very few bloggers (myself included) are experts in their area. Most bloggers write about things they have passion for, sure, and hopefully some degree of experience in or knowledge about. I’ve done writing and editing professionally, both in real-world publication settings and in the less formal freelance mode. I enjoy […] Read More >

Does your blog target worldwide web or is it more local?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009:

I have to ask all of you who blog regularly: Does your blog target the Worldwide Web (www), or is it more of a local blog? I’ve been reading a lot of stuff recently from some blogging “gurus” (I do NOT consider myself such, although I do a lot of blogging) lately who suggest that the way to make good money blogging is to focus on local blogging, as opposed to a blog aimed at everyone on the Internet. By way of explanation: Your blog may be aimed at a target audience of everyone buying, selling, or investing in real […] Read More >