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Idiotic sp*mmers never give up, do they?

Friday, September 18th, 2009:

One of the irritating things about trying to publish a blog regularly is that you have to put up with all sorts of idiotic sp*mmers. I use the “*” instead of the letter “a,” because I fear using the word might draw some more of it my way via the mysteries of search engines. I had a plugin installed on this WordPress blog which dealt quickly and silently with all the sp*m comments that come my way so they never saw the light of day and I never had to look at them. Unfortunately, I had to disable that plugin. […] Read More >

Tip: Blog about what you love, even if you don’t ‘know’ much about it

Monday, June 22nd, 2009:

My remarks about blogging today may sound a little like the old line, “Just fake it ’til you get it right” — but that’s not really what I mean when I suggest your passion for a subject should overrule your lack of knowledge when it comes to blogging. After all, very few bloggers (myself included) are experts in their area. Most bloggers write about things they have passion for, sure, and hopefully some degree of experience in or knowledge about. I’ve done writing and editing professionally, both in real-world publication settings and in the less formal freelance mode. I enjoy […] Read More >

Recycling blog posts? Yeah, I sort of am …

Friday, April 17th, 2009:

… and it’s worth a little explanation of how and what I’m doing with older posts, for those of you out there who blog. I’m using a plugin called the ADPS Reposter WordPress plugin. The purpose of the plugin is to sort of “recycle” older blog posts to bring them back toward the “front” of your blog to make them easier for new readers to find. There’s an ulterior motive to this, of course. The plugin actually works by updating the date and time posted information on a blog post. Although you are not adding new content, you ARE keeping […] Read More >

Exciting to see many writing, publishing options available online

Sunday, April 5th, 2009:

Back in those stirring days of yesteryear, opportunities for a writer to be published were much slimmer than they are today. It’s exciting to see how many types of writing and publishing are going on these days. You aren’t limited now to magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and various theater/film/television venues. There are a wealth of online publishers, as well as the ease of setting up your own website or blog, looking for writers. The bad news is that much online writing pays little or no money. Nevertheless, you can indeed make some income online. What really blew me away was […] Read More >