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Writers must love, or learn to love, language if they are to write well


Writers need to love language, everything about language. If you don’t find grammar, usage, words, word play, even spelling fascinating, chances are you’re not doing as well at being a writer as you might like. When it gets right down to it, words and all aspects of language — in my case the English language, most specifically American English — are all we writers have got. We really don’t even have our innermost (if there really is such a thing as “innermost”) thoughts without language, without words. Because without language, and specifically without words, we cannot have “thoughts,” can we? […] Read More >

Good writing is not technology, but technology may help


I was working diligently to try to put in my daily quota of written words this morning and took a break to read some writing tips from mystery writing master Larry Block. For all of us “oldsters” (I absolutely HATE that word) out there, Block is one of the masters of good fiction, and someone we remember from a previous lifetime ago as a columnist with “Writer’s Digest” magazine. For more than a decade, he did a monthly column geared primarily toward the whys, wherefores and how-tos of fiction writing. Block has gathered many of those columns into some volumes […] Read More >