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Internet writers: Pay special attention to the next article …

If you are at all interested in writing on the Internet — blogging, website content, whatever — pay special attention to the NEXT article I’ll be posting to this site. We’re going to enjoy an immense amount of practical, detailed information about online writing from a guest.

The article I’m referring to is “Getting more visitors to your old website content,” written by an online friend of mine, “Hospitalera.” She’s a good content writer in her own right, and she’s offering some excellent information in that article to help you get more people to come to your online writing and read it. And, after all, that’s what online writing is all about, professionally speaking anyway: getting “traffic” to your articles; visitors who will read and act on the articles you put online.

You can read more about Hospitalera at the bottom of her article in the “Author’s Bio” she was gracious enough to include. She’s a very private person, but that’s not a bad thing in this “tell-everyone-online-everything” culture we’re creating. She’s experienced at this online writing game, and I know you can only benefit by giving a careful reading and rereading to the practical steps she shares for revitalizing (or maybe just initially “vitalizing”?) your blogs or other websites.

I’m in the process of giving her guest article a read-through and edit right now. So you won’t see it, probably, before tomorrow. (I know, you don’t have a date reference for that; just trust me that it’ll be soon.) But it will definitely be worth the wait for those of you looking for excellent ideas to help you research and write online.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to reading and editing Hospitalera’s article. Fascinating stuff, and I promise I’ll have it for you soon, complete with links within this article so you can easily maneuver between my “intro” here and her very worthwhile information. Wow, did you know … oh, OK, I’ll shut up now and get her article up and running ASAP.

Key words are important to draw traffic to your website or blog

If you’ve been writing copy for a website or posting to a blog very long at all, you know the significance of using key words to draw traffic. The “art and science” of getting Internet search engines to send visitors to your blog or website is generally known by the term “Search Engine Optimization” — […]

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