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Kindle publishing provides serious income for many writers

Friday, December 2nd, 2011:

It turns out the Kindle publishing platform offered by Amazon is playing a very large role in creating a living income for quite a few authors, according to a recent review by independent publisher/writer Robin Sullivan. And although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the lady, I understand from what I’ve read that she really should know about such things: She and her novelist husband, Michael J. Sullivan, have both published via Kindle and hence have detailed experiences of their own to draw on. But in addition, she’s complied a fascinating report on what’s happening with several “mid-list” (to […] Read More >

Dusting off manuscript, reworking for Kindle publication

Friday, July 22nd, 2011:

I’m currently dusting off an old manuscript of mine (blowing off the virtual dust and debris from the shelf where it’s been shoved on my hard drive) and reworking it to publish on Kindle. This novel is one which I excerpted some years ago here on the website. As I mentioned in that earlier article, I’ve always had a love for Westerns, and originally started that novel after a research trip I made long ago to Denver. My intention was to put the novel together and pitch it to some agents and editors at the Western Writers of America annual […] Read More >