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Anybody using ‘GWA WordPress Autoresponder’ to send out blog newsletters?

Anybody out there using a WordPress plugin called the “GWA WordPress Autoresponder” to send out a newsletter for their blog?

I purchased the “Pro” version of that plugin at a special “sale” price, because it looked like just the thing for people to be able to subscribe to my newsletter list, receive opt-in confirmation that they were subscribed — then allow me to send out a once or twice a month newsletter to subscribers.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m just a bit dense on a lot of the how-tos and therefores of running autoresponder and/or mailing list software. I’m having trouble getting all the options sorted out and up and running.

But the good news is this: I was easily able to contact the person who wrote the software. He even has graciously offered to log into an account here behind the scenes and tweak everything into working order. Nice of him to offer, and I hope to have it all up and running today. Unless he discovers something really weird that I’ve done to his software. (Don’t think I broke anything. But you never know.)

Nevertheless, I persevere. I will figure this thing out and get it up and running soon. Or he will. Really. No, really, I WILL not let this script beat me!

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