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Print publishing moves closer toward The End — or not

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011:

The revered print publishers which have kept the book industry alive for the last couple of hundred years may be moving closer toward “the end” — or maybe not. Whatever the future holds, it’s looking good for ebooks and not so good for hardcovers/paperbacks. As an avid follower of Joe Konrath’s blog, “A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing,” I have been reading and learning a lot in recent weeks about the revolution taking place within the publishing industry. In a very interesting recent post, Konrath reported on what might indicate a major step toward the “end” of print publishing as we’ve […] Read More >

Personal note: Time to get serious about writing goals

Saturday, June 6th, 2009:

This is sort of a personal note, based on a milestone in my life this last week. I was reminded again that it’s time to quit procrastinating and get more serious about the writing goals I’ve had in my life. You might say my “biological clock” is ticking (do men really even have those biological clocks??) — I went online this week and applied for Social Security Retirement Benefits. Yikes! I’m getting old! This is the part where I frown and look around the room at all you young people out there and say things like, “Lads, don’t let this […] Read More >