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How vain is it to search for your own name on Google Images?

For years now, people have Googled their own names surrounded by quote marks to see what sort of information is easily available about them on the Internet — but how vain is it to search for your own name on Google Images?

I was reading a post on another blog about Google encouraging people to use their Google Profiles service. (I didn’t look that closely and I’m not sure how it works.) That post suggested Google Profiles might make it even easier for people to find out things about you on the web you might not want known. That prompted me to Google my name — and for whatever reason, I decided to click on the “Images” link from Google’s search page.

Man, there are several people out there with my name who are more interesting than I. Oh, and a few of them are even better looking. (My wife poked me in disagreement. That’s good because her opinion’s the only one that really matters to me anyhow.) If I were to remove the photo of myself on this site’s “About” page, I wonder who you’d think I am looking through those images on Google Images connected to my name? Am I the retired Army general? Am I the guitarist/guitar instructor? Am I the lame old guy with the vacuous smile? Or am I the apparently successful photographer? (Hints: My shoulder acts up a lot, I’ll probably start getting Social Security later this year, and I often find myself smiling for no particular reason.)

Googling is an interesting exercise in information retrieval. If you’ve not Googled yourself, go ahead and give it a run. And if you’ve never Googled yourself on Google Images, you ought to try that, too. It might be surprising to see what comes up.

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