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Let me repeat: We had a commenting problem, but it’s fixed now

Monday, September 14th, 2009:

A couple of days ago I warned all you WordPress bloggers out there to be aware of possible plugin conflicts and other strange glitches that might happen to your blog. I’m not sure I made myself clear in that discussion about issues I had on some of my blogs, so let me repeat this: We did have a problem when people tried to leave comments on a couple of my blogs — including this one — but it’s fixed now. I thought I should state that clearly because at least a couple of people are regular readers of my blogs […] Read More >

Heads-up for bloggers who use WordPress — watch those plugins

Saturday, September 12th, 2009:

This is a heads-up for all you bloggers out there who use WordPress — watch those plugins. I had a very bad experience with two specific plugins in recent weeks, one I just discovered the problem with today. A friend of mine was trying to post a comment on one of my other blogs, and he said it would not accept his comment and was making the comment go away when he tried to submit it. When he hit “submit,” he would get a screen showing this message: “Sorry, there was an error. JavaScript and Cookies are required in order […] Read More >