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Take advantage of knowledge, contacts at Kindle Boards website

If you’re at all interested in electronic books, self-publishing, “indie publishing,” or any of the many other changes going on in the writing and publishing universe — you really need to take advantage of the huge amount of knowledge and the many wonderful contacts you can find at the Kindle Boards website.
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Kindle publishing provides serious income for many writers

It turns out the Kindle publishing platform offered by Amazon is playing a very large role in creating a living income for quite a few authors, according to a recent review by independent publisher/writer Robin Sullivan. And although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the lady, I understand from what I’ve read that she […]

New digital self-publishing explodes options for all writers

The new digital self-publishing world we’re moving into explodes the options available for all writers. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, short stories, short articles, or gigantic novels — the possibilities are growing for you to self-publish successfully. We owe these tantalizing writing and publishing options first of all to the lowly “PDF” ebook file […]

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