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OK, so I’m once again taking the plunge into Twitter

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011:

OK, so I’m once again taking the plunge into the world of Twitter. For any of you interested in following me, I’m now @gswriterguy on the service. I wanted to go with just “Gary Speer,” but another Gary Speer was already on Twitter. I linked in my profile to this website, and I’m scrambling around for a good piece of code to let you find and easily follow me from this location. I have limited Twitter experience and more than a bit of hesitancy about it all. A few years ago I had an account, and got caught up in […] Read More >

Putting all the hype about ‘Twitter’ in some real-world perspective

Thursday, May 21st, 2009:

Just when you begin to believe a lot of the hype and raving about Twitter, along comes some real-world perspective about the online phenomenon. I’m talking about today’s “Jeopardy!” episode. One of the clues was a very obvious reference to Twitter. As my wife and I both do, we were muttering and mumbling at the television. One contestant quickly buzzed in and gave his answer: “What is Facebook?” We both groaned loudly. The other two contestants were totally silent. Time ran out before Alex gave the correct answer, “What is Twitter?” There was no chuckling or audible response of any […] Read More >