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Trusty little netbook worked great for writing in hospital — get one if you can

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010:

That trusty little netbook I bought a few months ago paid off last week as an excellent writing tool during a couple of days I spent in the hospital. No, I wasn’t sick. But my wife was. My wife spent three days in her favorite cardiac care ward again last week. Her first trip to that hospital land of fun and sleepless nights was April 30-May 5 of this year. I believe I wrote about the experience, though I don’t recall whether I wrote about it on this website. She suffered a frightening heart irregularity known as “atrial flutter.” That […] Read More >

You want a tremendously useful writing tool? Find yourself an AlphaSmart ‘Neo’

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009:

Some months ago, I wrote about the single most useful technological “wonder” (besides a pen or pencil) I have as a writer — my little AlphaSmart “Neo.” (I had their earlier version, the “3000,” but I quickly sold it online when I got the improved version, the “Neo.”) EDITOR’S UPDATE: Since writing this article, I have moved on to a bit more up-to-date technology: I now use a Lenovo Ideapad netbook for most of my “grab it up and run with it” mobile writing. Yes, I know, that netbooks are so “2007-ish” when it comes to cutting edge technology. Just […] Read More >