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Take advantage of free online storage, file sync

If you’ve never done such a thing before, let me encourage you to take advantage of a free online storage and file synchronization service.

The company that link goes to is called Dropbox. If you click on the link, you can get a no-charge, free 2 gigabyte online storage account. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use for synchronizing files between multiple computers or simply securely storing important files you’d like to keep “off site” and accessible.

I’ve used Dropbox for that free account for over a month now and never had a problem.

The way it works is, you store a file on your computer in a folder that signing up with them and installing a small program creates. Then you drop your files into that folder.

Like magic (well, almost), that file will stay in your dropbox folder on your computer AND appear in your secure dropbox folder online. Then let’s say a day or two later you’re writing on that article or novel that’s in your dropbox folder. But you aren’t online.

No problem, the next time you go online with the computer where you’ve done your writing — dropbox automatically updates that article or novel manuscript to match the copy you last worked on when you were offline. PLUS — if you think of a change you want to check but you’re on a different computer, you can go online to your dropbox account and you’ll find it there,

I don’t think I’ve explained that really well. But go to the dropbox site and check it out. It’s absolutely one of the handiest tools you’ll find. With 2 gigabytes of free space in your dropbox, you can store literally thousands of documents if you use it only for your writing.

And if you like it, they have paid accounts available for larger online space.

Did I mention it’s FREE for the 2 gig account? Of course I did. (If you sign up through the links I’ve put in this article and then activate dropbox on your computer, I get a small bit of additional space added to my 2 gig account. You can do the same for referring your friends.)