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Take advantage of knowledge, contacts at Kindle Boards website

If you’re at all interested in electronic books, self-publishing, “indie publishing,” or any of the many other changes going on in the writing and publishing universe — you really need to take advantage of the huge amount of knowledge and the many wonderful contacts you can find at the Kindle Boards website.

I joined that forum (those forums?) almost two years ago, and simply never took the time to hang out there. Boy, what I missed out on.

A few weeks ago I gave myself a solid kick in the seat of the pants and got into serious mode about writing some novels and short fiction to publish via Amazon’s wonderful Kindle Digital Publishing service. No, I have not yet gotten anything finished and published — but I am indeed working on it daily. (There’s a whole story behind that which I may or may not get into in another article here.)

In the process of renewing my efforts, I remembered Kindle Boards and dropped by to take another look around.

If you’re a writer or writer wannabe interested in Kindle publishing and indie publishing in general, there are a wealth of sub forums at the site. (I highly recommend the “Writers’ Cafe” forum as a good place to start looking.) You’ll find a friendly welcome and you’ll also discover that there are TONS of writers just like you and me struggling along (and some cruising along) on the path to writing success. You’ll discover kindred spirits who are facing the same problems and who are incredibly willing to share answers to problems we all face.

If you’re simply a reader, there are a huge number of forums for you, too. Various readers’ forums specifically target the Kindle ebook reader, even provide a place to buy used Kindles. There are book discussions and author discussions of all sorts — and a wealth of links on many of the forums to free Kindle books.

Go over and take a look around for yourself. But be warned of this: I have never been part of any forum which had such a high amount of traffic and/or discussion updates. I dare you to try to log in and read all the “unread posts since last visit.” I give that task a determined effort at least twice a day and I’ve never yet caught up.

If you want to know anything about the ins and outs of indie publishing, especially Kindle Digital Publishing with Amazon, you absolutely need to make Kindle Boards a part of your online resources. You won’t regret it.