Television makes great music box as I sit here writing

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I’ve discovered the greatest feature about cable or satellite dish television is that it broadcasts digital music on literally dozens of channels, and I enjoy the music much more than most television programming. So I use our television most of the day as a music box.

Our son has tried to persuade us that we need a big, flat screen, HDTV to replace our current hulking monster. One of those sleek, light-weight beauties that hangs on the wall or sits discreetly on one of those special TV stands that goose neck up over the shelf, allowing space under the screen where I could actually pile more books, I think.

The truth of the matter is, I generally enjoy the digital music or simply slip a CD into the stereo system (are they still called that?) and hit “repeat” for the entire disc so I can focus on my keyboard. The one big advantage the television music box has over the stereo, though, is that I can flip on the news or weather with a couple of punches at the keys on the remote — much faster than switching from the CD player to a decent radio station.

Yes indeed. As music boxes go, I highly recommend a good cable or satellite dish subscription.

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