Telling my secrets: I always wanted to be a travel writer

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Just between you and me: One of my secret fantasies as a writer was to be a successful travel writer.

Of course, at one time or another I “always wanted to be” a policeman (never a fireman, though), an airline pilot, an astronaut, an astronomer, a history teacher, and a successful best-selling novelist.

The closest I’ve ever come to best-selling novelist is to start but never finish a handful of fantasy novels, Western novels, and mystery novels. The closest I’ve ever come to travel writer is when I browse various travel deals from time to time on the Internet and dream of having both time and money to make some serious trips to Europe.

Which brings me to my question for those of you reading it: any professional travel writers out there? Or is there even such a genre for writers as “travel writer” anymore? Given the availability of laptops, netbooks, and terrific digital cameras, maybe everyone who has the chance to travel and wants to do it has become a travel writer?

Leave us a comment and tell us about your travel writing adventures.

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