This is for all you ‘Well-Fed’ writers out there — take a look

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This post is for all you “Well-Fed” writers out there — and I hope you’ll take a good look at “The Well-Fed Writer” website I just linked to in this sentence.

I have been remiss in never mentioning The Well-Fed Writer website and the site’s creator, writer Peter Bowerman. Several years ago when I bought an “eBook” version of Mr. Bowerman’s first “well-fed writer” book, he and I swapped a couple of emails when I had some questions. He was very helpful. But I doubt he remembers me, simply because here’s a guy who has dug in and created a whole genre of non-fiction writing and a ton of real-life “success stories.”

If you look around his site, you’ll quickly run onto a term I think he coined — FLCWs. That’s his acronym for “Freelance Commercial Writers,” which he defines as ” the designation for anyone who freelances for businesses (as opposed to writing magazine articles, short stories, poetry, etc.), and typically earns $50-125+ an hour.” (I got that straight from his current newsletter.)

I highly recommend Peter’s books, lectures, seminars, etc., all of which you can find through his website. If you are trying to get a foothold in the publishing/writing industry, he speaks great wisdom on specific “how-tos” to get a freelance writing career going.

To be honest, I personally have had some success with his tips, but I came into the whole thing at a time when this type of writing just simply isn’t/wasn’t what I’m looking to do. But I highly recommend you take a look at what he’s got to say, and that you subscribe to his monthly newsletter to keep up to date on this rapidly changing industry. (There’s a newsletter subscription link on the website.)

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