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This just in: Spanish company to put tiny solar powered ‘netbook’ on market

All right, for all you computer geeks and mini-geeks out there, I just read a newsletter article about “Gyy,” perhaps a pioneer in the next generation of laptop and other portable computers for writers. Take a look at the article in the link above. If you know Spanish and want to get more information, there’s a link at the end of the newsletter article to the Spanish website that’s home of Gyy’s parent company.

The good news, I would say, is that Gyy is small, very portable, and probably has enough built in memory and processing resources to be an absolutely perfect mini-laptop for writers. The bad news is that it’s only going to be sold in Europe for awhile, and it runs on Linux instead of Windows or Mac operating systems — which isn’t necessarily “bad” news, but is at least inconvenient for us none-geeks out there.

Nevertheless, what terrific progress in useful technology for writers, don’t you think? Who knows, if Gyy, Kindle, and iPhones all continue to improve and drop in price — hey, totally portable Internet/blogging/publishing for all sounds good to me.