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This sometimes works for me when I’m stuck about what to write next

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When your plot bogs down and your characters have started to ignore you and you have nothing in particular to write for the middle of that story, you might try this little trick. It works for me:

I hear a sudden, urgent banging on the front door, bedroom door or window, basement stairwell, whatever entrance or exit my characters are near. With a feeling of fear, or anticipation, or wonder — whatever mood strikes me or seems like what my characters are experiencing at the time — I open the door, look out the window, climb up or down the stairwell, or whatever.

That banging, knocking noise was caused by someone — or SOMETHING?? — and finding out who or what that is often moves my story to the next step.

Don’t know whether that’s useful for you, but it has worked for me in the past, sometimes leading to a whole new plot twist. Try it.

And if/when you do try it, or if it’s something you already do — come back and tell us about how it works for you.
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