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Tip about blogging: Don’t sp*m comments; most blogs ‘nofollow’ comments

Here’s a little tip for bloggers, mostly for those who post comments on blogs; SPECIFICALLY for those of you who try to sp*m this and other blogs with idiotic comments just to get a link back to your money-making scheme or cr*p-filled website. Don’t waste your time: Most blogs run on WordPress software, which automatically makes all links in post comments into “nofollow” links.

There’s a tremendous lot of misunderstanding about Internet links and their “nofollow” or “dofollow” status. I’ll tell you right up front that I’m confused about a lot of it myself. But simply put, here’s the deal. “Dofollow” links from a website/blog back to your website supposedly benefit you by making your site seem to be more authoritative, or more important. But “nofollow” links supposedly bring no benefit to your website.

So here’s my suggestion. If someone has taken your money for a piece of junk script that lets you sp*m a million comments on a million blogs — you probably are wasting your time and money in so many ways I wouldn’t be able to tell you. If someone has taken your money for an idiotic waste-of-time “training course” on making money online, etc., by sp*mming tons of blogs with your worthless sp*mmy comments — you’ve wasted your time on money on that, too.

Here’s another suggestion: If you REALLY want to make money online by writing and you are willing to learn what to do and then work hard to do it, go to that Keyword Academy link I’ve put at the right-hand top of each page on this website. If you’re going to spend your time and money on something, you really ought to try something that’ll work.

But then, if you’re one of the people who crawls around the Internet just looking to rip off others with your idiotic sp*mmy comments, I’m guessing 1) you aren’t bothering to read this, 2) you’ll not accept or try what I’m saying here anyway, and, 3) you’re too lazy to actually try to earn some money on the Internet, but want to find a way to cheat or steal it from others.