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Tip: Blog about what you love, even if you don’t ‘know’ much about it

My remarks about blogging today may sound a little like the old line, “Just fake it ’til you get it right” — but that’s not really what I mean when I suggest your passion for a subject should overrule your lack of knowledge when it comes to blogging.

After all, very few bloggers (myself included) are experts in their area. Most bloggers write about things they have passion for, sure, and hopefully some degree of experience in or knowledge about. I’ve done writing and editing professionally, both in real-world publication settings and in the less formal freelance mode. I enjoy writing and editing, so I started this blog about it. But I’ve certainly never claimed to be an expert writer or editor. I enjoy sharing my experience and thoughts about the whole range of writing, and I especially appreciate learning from you good readers who leave comments from time to time.

But I also blog about subjects as diverse about bikes and biking, hiking and outdoor living, buying and collecting all sorts of stuff — and even tips for buying tents and camping gear and ideas for RV camping enthusiasts. I have less expertise in all those areas than in my writing. But I truly enjoy all of those things and have had some experience in the past at each. The beauty of blogging is the way you can combine a passion (collecting, for example) with virtually unlimited Internet resources, and put together something useful and fun — a sort of “learn as you go and share that learning with others” approach to building a website.

So make sure you blog about what you love, about those passions that amaze and entertain you, even if you don’t know all that much about the subject. You can learn and share with others as you go.

One Response to “Tip: Blog about what you love, even if you don’t ‘know’ much about it”

  1. Chris says:

    There’s a lot in what you say. Certainly, the experience of learning about something new adds to one’s writing. Through learning, you’re writing in the perspective of your readers. A nice way to connect.