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Tips for short story writing: Up to a challenge? Pull out your keyboard and give it a shot

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All right, today’s the big day. I’m offering you some information to work with and inviting you to write a short story. When you’re done, put it on your blog or web site and link to it with a comment here. Or if you don’t want to post a short story and link to it, simply write a comment here and include the opening sentence or paragraph to your completed story for us to read.

So, here we go. You’re welcome to use any of the character sketch information I’ve put here under the “Short Stories” category. You’re welcome to use the “hook” sentence I posted yesterday under “Short Stories.” And I’ll give you one more hook you’re welcome to use if you’d like. Here it is:

“”I didn’t see that,” she said softly. The stars were rising all around her and she was amazed that she’d missed such an obvious solution.

Focus your story on a single character, a single event, and a good hook. Keep it within our discussed length guidelines, 1,500-5,000 words. Remember, I said “focus” on short and sweet, but you can have secondary characters and some background incidents/information — but keep the focus of the story on a single character and a single action or event.

I honestly have no prize I can offer you as incentive. Except this: I will be happy to read the complete story and offer a suggestion or two for the one I deem “the best” or “the winner.”

Give it a shot. And, as I said before, you’re welcome to use this exercise to write and sell a short story, using any of the characters, suggestions, hooks, anything else I’ve written about under this “Short Stories” category.

Let us see what you can do.
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