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Today’s writing demands a good sense of graphics, design

I made another change to the “theme,” or template for this site a few weeks ago, and I don’t really like the way it looks all that much. I’ll probably tinker with it and do something different in the near future. (If I were making any serious money online, I probably could afford one of those industrial equipment-type blogging themes that have lots of options and bells and whistles built into them. But until I can afford that, I’m stuck using the free themes out there.)

Which brings me to the point of this post: Appearance is often an integral part of your writing, especially when you are writing for a website or other online venue. Like it or not — and I don’t especially like it myself — “writing” has become a graphics game as much as a word game. Thanks to the eye appeal factor of online writing, you won’t draw your readers into your message, capture their attention, and/or move them to action without well-chosen, well-placed graphics.

I’ve never been all that artistic. I’ve never tried to be a graphics artist, although I have a couple of friends who are very fine, professional graphics artists. So selecting and wisely using graphics on this blog or any other website never comes easy for me.

If you are a “new” or beginning writer, I urge you to get some training in graphics and design — especially if your writing is going to be largely on the Internet. You’ll always be happy if you do.

Meanwhile, many of the rest of us have to rely on others to handle graphics for us. If that’s you, my advice would be — make friends with good graphics and design people.