Two days later — now Google knocked this blog’s PR down

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Well, it’s hard to see how such things work in the Mind of Google, but may Google’s will be done.

Just two days ago I mentioned the frustrations related to Internet writing and discussed the “Google slap” given to one of my blogs which knocked it down in page rank (PR) first from PR 2 to PR 1, then PR 0.

I just discovered a few minutes ago that Google has knocked this blog down in PR, and not as gently as the other. I went from a PR 3 to an instant PR 0.

I have taken paid blogging on both blogs in question. Yet I have tried to maintain consistent, worthwhile content on both blogs in addition to the paid posts. And I have never taken a paid post for which I had any ethical, moral, or legal qualms. So I thought I was consistently adding legitimate content to the Internet at this website, and I have no real appreciation for why Google would whack the PR out of the blog.

Guess I’ll just have to cry a bit, then get back to business. As far as I know, there’s really not any legitimate way to ask Google to reconsider — and at this point, there’s no way to get potential advertisers to see great value in low- to no-rank blogs.

The expression here, I believe, is “Catch 22.”
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3 Responses to “Two days later — now Google knocked this blog’s PR down”

  1. Kathi says:

    I asked Google to reconsider, or at least tell me why. Thus far I’ve been ignored.

  2. Gary says:

    Hi Kathi,

    I’ve heard of people appealing to Google, and in every case they’ve said they never even got a response. So, honestly, I didn’t think contacting them would be worth the trouble.

    Just smile, pray about it all, and keep on blogging.

  3. katina says:

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