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Two kinds of writing — ‘wanna write’ stuff and ‘gotta write’ stuff

How often to you get to write what you want to write? Are you often forced to write what your job requires instead of writing what you want to write? Most of us find most of our writing time devoted to a job or a project that we must do for our “day job,” and have to fit the writing we really want to do into the day when and if we can.

I spent most of today working on an affiliate marketing website devoted to rustic furniture and decor. I had the opportunity to write about moose rugs, bear cub dishes, baby cradles, crib bedding, various high-ticket leather sofas and even some antler chandeliers. Not really exciting stuff. But I at least have the opportunity to get the site up on the Internet and possibly earn some money. I have had many, many “day jobs” worse than building my own websites, and I’m sure many of you have, too.

I spent too many years of my life wallowing in a sort of “I can never write a novel because I just never will have the combination of energy and time to get one done.” Then I read of people who fire off best-selling novels while commuting to work, or after putting the tots down for a nap, or after doing dishes, three loads of laundry, cooking meals, and spending quality time with a spouse.

So “not enough time and energy,” is really nothing more than a bad excuse in my case, and probably in most cases. I simply have to want to write something badly enough to, as the cliche ad slogan goes, “Just Do It.”

How are the “wanna writes” working out for you in relation to your “gotta writes”? Let’s make ourselves a promise to do better.
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