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Use your writing skills to give the gift of love for the holiday

Are you writing your Valentines day gifts this year? Or do you do that sort of thing — write special gifts to your loved ones for the holidays?

If you’re a writer, the obvious thing to do for the one(s) you love is to write something special. The obvious thing, of course, is poetry. But why not be more creative? How about writing a “Top 10 Things I Love About You” list? Perhaps that’s a bit overworked, even corny, but it’s something different than a straight love poem. Another suggestion would be to write your special person a love letter. Whatever gift of words you decide to try, the idea itself needn’t be original — use your special skills and background as a writer to make give it an original twist and make it a special gift.

Let’s hear from you. What are some ways you want to try, or perhaps have tried in the past, to use your writing skills and special talents to express your love for the special day? Tell us what’s worked for you, or what you’re planning to do as a gift of words for the one you love.