Wanna write? Then pull out that keyboard and hit it hard every day

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The single most important tip I have for writers, whether you’re new to writing or you’re a wily veteran, is simply this: Sit down at that keyboard every day and write something. Even if you just write a little bit, do it every day. And if you have time and inclination to write a lot, then hit it hard every day and hooray for you.

For those of you specifically interested in blogging or affiliate marketing or other online writing, I call your attention to an extremely useful writing resource I’ve mentioned a couple of times before on this site: The Keyword Academy. This is the only paid membership I have, and I find the tools, advice, and relationships I’ve formed there to be well worth it. (You can take a look for yourself and get their $1 trial membership for 30 days with no strings attached by clicking on the link at the right-hand top of each page on this website.)

Learn all you can about your chose writing “niche,” whether that’s technical writing, copywriting, fiction, whatever. But while you’re learning, treat your writing professionally and commit to writing every day, even if only a few paragraphs. Just as a carpenter would start his day by picking up the hammer, slipping on his work gloves, and getting down to business — so, too, set yourself down every day at that computer or pick up pen/pencil and paper, and WRITE. Everything else flows from that daily commitment to yourself and to your craft.

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