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What are you looking for when you register for a blog? Are you expecting a newsletter?

On most days, I get two or three people or more who register when they visit this blog. Each time someone registers, I get an email notifying me of the registration, their selected usernames and their email addresses.

I discovered recently that I have MORE THAN 360 PEOPLE who have registered here. I just checked my settings on this site again and confirmed that no one is required to register or log in to comment on a blog post — although I do have things set up so that a comment won’t be posted unless I first approve it. Meaning, as long as you aren’t doing anything out of line with your comments, you are perfectly free (and WELCOME) to comment on what you read here.

So my question is this: Are you expecting something like a newsletter, regular content updates, or whatever when you choose to register your email information here? If so, I have been failing your expectations. I felt compelled, therefore, to bring the matter up and ask.

This is not a private membership website of some sort. You aren’t required to have membership cards or special access passwords or anything of that sort. I welcome your comments on the posts here. I would even consider allowing a “guest post” if you wish to discuss the idea through my “Contact Us” form on the page by that name.

I want to be very careful not to violate anyone’s privacy or do anything that might be interpreted as “sp*m” (substitute “a” for “*” as you read that), so I’ve never gathered subscriber/user email addresses to do a mailing of any sort. Which brings me to my final point of this posting:

In connection with the new Squidoo lens business I’m launching, I will be putting up a form here that you can use to sign up for a mailing list. Among other things, I’ll use that mailing list to inform people of new Squidoo lenses for sale as I have them available. Watch for that mailing list form within the next week or two and feel free to sign up there even if you already registered here. I will not assume you want your email address on that list just because you registered as a user here. You will be required to fill out the form and CONFIRM your email address and your subscription to that mailing list when I get it started.